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What type of mobile apps does make? is always up-to-date on the latest technology and designtrends.
We build apps for Windows Phone 7, Windows 8, iPhone & iPad. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

Who are ’s clients? makes mobile apps, for sale in the appstore and customised mobile apps for professionals!
If you have more questions or ideas, feel free to contact us.

How can I work with

We work according to a 7-steps-plan...
1st we analyse the need, 2nd we analyse the internal process, 3rd we set up a strategical plan, 4th we check the feedback loop, 5th we find the solution, 6th we start with the creation and 7th is the implementation of the app. If you are looking for a partner to build your mobile apps, contact us and make an apointment to get together.

Did you know ...

Mobile apps are changing the business, social and lifestyle landscape.
The numbers are dazzling and the implications are strong!
Without a mobile app to compliment your Internet presence,
you are practically invisible!

You need to be where your customers are: everywhere!
There are 4 billion mobile phones in use over the world,
1.6 billion of them are smartphones!

The appstore hit 10 billion downloads … and counting…
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